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RPE Document Generation for JSON data with support for JIRA

The JSON data format is widely accepted and used for exchanging data in today’s world. Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) previously was able to generate documents from tools that exposed data in XML format. With RPE 2.1.2, documents can be generated consuming data in JSON format. There is absolutely no change in the user experience for adding schema, building templates, or configuring and generating documents.

Support for JIRA

JIRA is a software development tool used by agile teams for planning and bug/issue tracking, as well as for project management. RPE 2.1.2 is now able to generate documents for JIRA software through the REST API from JIRA that produces data in JSON format.

Watch this video on document generation for JIRA


Below you can find a list of APIs which can be used for building templates for document generation, as well as some other commonly used APIs.

Document Generation with JIRA

There is no change in how document specifications are configured and generated. Below is a screen capture of a PDF document generated using the sample template shipped with RPE.


Design Template for JIRA

Schema for JSON

  • Use schema type “JSON” for tools that exposes data in JSON format.
  • Schema URL is the same as data source URL for JSON. RPE uses single instance of repeated data and uses it as the schema.
    • JSON data acts as schema
    • Do not change the structure of the JSON
  • Enter authentication details in the same Add a New Data Source Schema dialog, which otherwise would fail.


Template for JIRA

A sample JIRA template (JIRA_Issues.dta) is shipped with RPE 2.1.2. This provides you with a quick starting point when you use it as-is, or you can customize it to your needs. You can also build your own templates for different JIRA artifacts using the REST APIs from JIRA.


Schema Editor for JSON

If you notice that any properties (key value pairs) are missing from the schema, modify the JSON schema using the schema editor. The Open Schema in Editor option in the above screen capture opens up the JSON schema editor.

  • Add, modify and/or remove properties.
  • You can see values of properties. This should help to relate to the data you see in the JIRA UI.
  • The outline view gives a nice tree view of the entire JSON schema.
  • Do not change the object or array structure or interchange them.


You could replace the entire JSON schema with latest schema you have using the Replace Schema functionality from Outline view for the template.

Advanced Support

Sorting, filtering, and pagination similar to other data sources are supported.

Support in Document Builder

Document generation for JSON and JIRA is supported from RPE Document Builder v2.1.2. Create a connection to JSON/JIRA data source URL to associate it to a data source during document generation. RPE Document Builder v2.1.2 ships a sample template for JIRA to enable printing of JIRA Issues.

You can find additional documentation for JSON and JIRA support here.

Kumaraswamy (Kumar) Gowda
Technical Lead and Architect – Rational Publishing Engine