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What’s new in Jazz Reporting Service 6.0.4

We are excited to announce Jazz Reporting Service (JRS) v6.0.4 which focuses on usability and serviceability improvements. You can upgrade to the latest JRS version to take advantage of these improvements:

  • Easy assembly of nested condition groups: Until now, when you wanted to build a report, you could only group conditions using AND or OR. Combining groups of conditions was not supported. Therefore, this enhancement is welcomed by a number of users and it allows them to create nested groups of report conditions by using the buttons, or by dragging and dropping conditions. The new group outlines help you track your logic in complex condition combinations. You can also drag and drop conditions or groups, to reorder them. For a report that shows all defects that are low priority and tagged with ignore, or older than a year, create nested groups like the following image.
    Nested Condition Group
  • Custom expressions in Report Builder: Previously, you had to write SQL or SPARQL queries in the Advanced section of Report Builder to do special formatting or complex calculations in a report. However, after editing the query syntax and saving, you couldn’t switch back to the graphical Report Builder interface to continue editing your report. Now, you can use custom expressions to do tasks like these without having to edit in Advanced mode:
    – Show in hours a value that is expressed in seconds in the data source.
    – Show calculated values by using a database function that is not available in the Calculated Value section.
    – Change how a date is shown.
    To see an example of writing a custom expression to format your data, watch the following video:

  • Filter report content by interacting with the column headers: You can now interact with report filters related to columns directly from the column headers. The controls that manipulate within columns used to be in the Filters dialog box. Now you’ll find them in the header of their respective columns so that it is visually intuitive how each filter will be applied to the report. NOTE that this feature is not available for ready-to-use reports. The more intuitive UI with edit icons for each column is pictured below:

Column Filters Sample

  • Merged columns: When a report is built, users can combine columns with the same title. The column filter shows the corresponding filters of combined columns together delineated by their respective types. An example of a merged column filter is pictured below:

Merged Columns

  • Use colors to highlight data in tables: You can format the data in the Results page using Colors to set conditions for highlighting specific parts of the table report. For example, you can change the background and text color of a table cell. You can also set the transparency for each color. If more than one color condition is set for a table cell, you can set the priority of these conditions. Watch this video to learn how to color-code the data in your report:

  • Export to Word, PDF and HTML: JRS users have been asking to export their reports in different formats. Besides generating reports and exporting them to Microsoft Excel and Rational Publishing Engine, users can generate their JRS reports and export them into Microsoft Word, PDF and HTML. Refer to this exporting JRS reports video for details.

Export JRS Report

  • SAFe 4.0 Updates: For those of you following updates to the SAFe 4.0 Assets page, you might have already noticed that we posted new and updated reports for CLM 6.0.3 back in February. These reports take advantage not only of some awesome updates in Report Builder in 6.0.3, but also include more advanced reports built with advanced SQL. We’re especially proud of these reports because they begin to close the gap in some key areas around progress, status, and estimation. Please make sure that you refer to the SAFe Reporting Guidelines document which contains all of the details.

We are excited to deliver this release content with a number of interesting improvements and for all details you can read about it at the New & Noteworthy for Jazz Reporting Service 6.0.4. As this release contains many of the things our customers have been asking for, please let us know how we are doing.

Fariz Saracevic
IBM Rational Publishing Engine and Jazz Reporting Service Offering Manager

Jazz Reporting Service is part of the reporting solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management  and IBM IoT continuous engineering solution. New users can try any of the CLM applications that include JRS, like Rational Team Concert, on the cloud by going to

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