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Monitoring and controlling document generation jobs in Document Builder

Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) Document Builder was introduced in RPE 2.0 to allow reuse and collaboration with the new web solution. RPE Document Builder also  simplifies the deployment and maintenance of RPE by providing an alternative to the RPE thick clients for generating documents.

With RPE 2.1.1, an RPE administrator can pause, resume, or cancel the jobs that are running for an unexpectedly long time, or allow a high priority job to go through early in the queue by cancelling some of the low priority jobs.

Watch the video that demonstrates monitoring and controlling document generation jobs. Find more details at RPE monitor and control documentation.

When an RPE administrator logs in to the Document Builder and navigates to the Administer page –> JOB Details, the admin could notice long running jobs, if any.  The administrator could choose to stop or cancel a job or to resume a paused job. There are two tabs; Jobs and Long Running Jobs.

  • Jobs
    • Displays all jobs except successfully completed jobs
    • Advanced search on various parameters are supported
    • Auto refreshes every 60 seconds, which is configuration through JOB_DETAILS_REFRESH_INTERVAL parameter
  • Long Running Jobs
    • Displays jobs running over 5 minutes
    • The long running time threshold could be configurable through LONG_RUNNING_JOBS_THRESHOLD parameter under “RUNTIME VARIABLES” page
    • Auto refreshes every 60 seconds
    • Only active jobs are displayed


Note: If you notice that the job vanished from the screen, it is because the document generation was successful. Successful jobs are not shown by default. However, you could search for Finished jobs through advanced search.

For more RPE 2.1.1 videos, visit the Rational Publishing Engine 2.1.1 YouTube playlist.