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Want to learn more about Jazz-based products?  Check out the enhanced products page!


On this page, you’ll see a tile for each product.  When you hover over it, a bright blue border appears around it.  Find the one you’re interested in, and click anywhere on the tile to expand it.


When the tile expands, you’ll see a product description and a video.  Since these videos are HTML5 and responsive, you can watch them using most operating systems and screen sizes.  Depending on the product, you can also click on “Learn more” to get more details, “Try in the Cloud” to try it in a sandbox, or “Download” to download it.


On a smartphone, the product tiles are automatically expanded for you so can simply scroll to see each video and description.


This is just one of the changes included in the big changes coming to  Feel free to try it out, and stay tuned for more!