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Big changes coming to

You may have noticed some changes when you came to visit today. After 8 years, the team thought it was time to give the site a more thorough overhaul then it has had in the past. Keeping Agile and Lean principles in mind, we’re starting small and looking to get early feedback on the changes we make.

A fresh, responsive redesign of the home page is just the beginning...

To start, we are rolling out a new look for our Home page, a combined Product and Download landing page, as well as a new navigation bar and footer. For the new look and feel, we want to incorporate current IBM Design principles. This will help us to be more consistent with other IBM sites, and pare down some of the content that has made the pages get more crowded over the years. We also want to have our site be more mobile-friendly, to reflect the growing portion of our audience accessing our site from mobile devices.

Over the coming months, we’ll start rolling out updates to the rest of the site. In addition to updating the look for all the pages on the site, we’ll be reviewing the content in the Library and on the Deployment Wiki to make sure the content is up to date. We also want to make sure we have our development team engaged with the community, so look for more content about our Jazz based products over the coming months as well.

As I mentioned above, we want to incorporate Agile and Lean principles in this rollout, and this is where you come in. We’re looking for your feedback on the changes we’re making. Hopefully you like it, and let us know if you do!

If there are things we should do differently, or you have other thoughts about the overhaul, we want to hear that as well. The sooner we get the feedback, the better job we can do of incorporating it and making this site as useful to you as possible. So drop a comment on this blog, tell us on Facebook or Twitter (@JazzDotNet), or post in the forums using the tag “jazz-dot-net-overhaul”! We look forward to hearing from you!