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New video series! Intro to creating a Java app using IBM Bluemix and DevOps Services

Previously, I brought you a video series on how to rapidly build a Node.js app using IBM Bluemix and DevOps Services. If you’re more of a Java person who loves using Eclipse, I think you’ll really enjoy my new video series!

In this series, I answer questions like, “What happens if I turn on automatic deployments and a developer delivers bad code?” and, “Can I track my work in Eclipse and the DevOps Services web IDE?”

I’m sure your friends and colleagues would love for you to share this video with them! Here is a sample tweet to get you started:

Fabulous new video series by @Lauren_Schaefer! Intro to creating a #Java app using #Bluemix & #DevOpsServices

Or swap out “fabulous” with your favorite adjective. Your call.

Lauren Schaefer
Growth Hacking Engineer & Social Media Lead
IBM DevOps Services