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New video series! Rapidly build a Node.js App using IBM Bluemix & DevOps Services

Have you heard the buzz about IBM Bluemix or IBM DevOps Services and been a little skeptical about how quickly and easily you can create and deploy apps? Stop the skepticism and watch my new video series where I show you how to go from zero to deployed Node.js app in just 90 seconds.

If that’s not enough to excite you, here are a few other things I demo:

  • How to edit & redeploy an app using the DevOps Services web IDE
  • How to automatically deploy an app whenever you or a teammate pushes code to your repo
  • How to invite collaborators to join you
  • How to easily track your work
  • How to quickly plan your sprints

Now that you’re full of knowledge, share this series with your friends.  Here is a sample tweet to get you started:

Fabulous new video series by @Lauren_Schaefer! Rapidly create a #Nodejs app using #Bluemix & #DevOpsServices

Or use your own words.  It’s up to you.

Lauren Schaefer
Growth Hacking Engineer & Social Media Lead
IBM DevOps Services