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A Video Tour of IBM DevOps Services in April: Authentication, Advanced Auto-deployment, & Awesomeness

In February, I brought you a virtual tour of JazzHub where I showed off JazzHub’s facelift, features, and fabulousness.  This month, I thought I’d bring you a video tour of IBM DevOps Services’ new authentication, advanced auto-deployment, and awesomeness.  I hope you enjoy!

I couldn’t cover all of the new features, so, if you’d like to see a complete list, visit the What’s New page on IBM DevOps Services.

I’m heading to IBM Impact next week to chat with other developers about DevOps.  To find out everywhere IBM DevOps Services will be at Impact next week, check out this post on The Invisible Thread Blog.

Please connect with me and tell me what you think of these new features!  You can comment below, comment on our Facebook page, tweet us, or find me next week at Impact.

Lauren Schaefer
Growth Hacking Engineer, IBM DevOps Services
Social Media Lead, and IBM DevOps Services