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CLM 4.0.3 is here!

We are well on our way into the world of continuous delivery with CLM 4.0.3, our second quarterly release of Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management.

One of the areas we are changing is how we support our customers. In the past, we’ve maintained separate delivery streams for new function verses fixes to existing releases. That approach is no longer practical as the cadence of the release cycle compresses to the current quarterly cycle and to even shorter intervals in the future. This is driving changes to how we approach the introduction of new functionality into the products. We must now take greater care to introduce new capabilities in a way that is not disruptive to the ways people use and work with the tools. This includes paying close attention to simplifying the upgrade process, as well as techniques where people opt into new capabilities, such as the tech preview of the new manual script editor in Rational Quality Manager. 4.0.3 is the beginning of this process where new capabilities as well as significant fixes to existing capabilities are combined into a single, easily consumed, quarterly release. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts on the continuous delivery model, we don’t expect everyone to pick up every quarterly release. However, we working hard to make the process easier and less disruptive when a new version is installed, whether it be for new functionality, fixes to existing capabilities, or hopefully a combination of both.

We are also learning how to more quickly introduce exciting new capabilities into the solution through the continuous delivery model. We are happy to announce the availability of Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management 4.0.3, including the 4.0.3 releases of Rational Team ConcertRational Requirements ComposerRational Quality Manager, and Rational Software Architect Design Manager with more new capabilities than any other quarterly release to date.

For the Development team:

  • Plan loading performance is improved by 50 percent. For example, the Rational Team Concert product backlog now loads in 10 seconds, compared to 20 seconds in 4.0.2.
  • Planning across projects is improved with support for multiple hierarchy levels and new plan checks.
  • Enhancements to the ClearCase Connector history importer improves connectivity of Jazz SCM version trees of imported files.
  • Rational Team Concert z/OS dependency build automatically attempts to rebuild main programs when one or more statically linked subprograms are updated.

For the Quality team:

  • Overall user experience is improved including the ability to edit artifacts directly in table views, customize the main menu, and improved selection dialogs.
  • Test execution and keywords now support the concept of channels to make it easier to build test frameworks to test mobile, web interfaces, and rich clients with a set of common tests.
  • Test artifact duplication now automatically creates links between duplicated test artifacts and requirements, tracks the root artifact, and supports deep copies of snapshots.
  • We’ve added a trash view and the ability to permanently delete artifacts from the repository.
  • Rational Quality Manager is now integrated with Rational Test Virtualization Server to make it easier to execute tests against virtualized environments.

For Business Analysts:

  • New locking improvements show the lock status of artifacts in the editors, give you the ability to lock and unlock multiple artifacts, and to sort and filter on lock status.
  • New visual indications of changes in history views show deleted content in red strike-through, added content in blue, and changed text in blue underline.
  • Overall Module performance is improved

For Designers:

  • The visual editors have been enhanced, including improvements to sketching, table widgets, zoom to fit, and permission editing.
  • We’ve added a new Architecture Decision and Knowledge (ADK) ontology and domain
  • Rich text documents can be viewed in printable format
  • Design Manger now includes Use Case and Process Domains

We’ve learned a lot so far with our transition to a continuous delivery model, and we will continue to evolve our ways of planning and delivering Plan Items — evolving our Continuous Delivery Pipeline using the Smart Cloud Continuous Delivery capability, and improving our automated testing.  Look for further blogs discussing those efforts as our quarterly releases continue to roll out.

John Whitfield, Distinguished Engineer
IBM Rational Technical Lead for CLM