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JazzHub Beta 3 Now Available: Click. Code. Create.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the new JazzHub is in beta and open for early access users.  The new JazzHub is a place where you can seamlessly plan, track, and develop software in the cloud.  And soon you’ll be able to deploy your application to select cloud platforms with only a few clicks.

Using the tenets of Collaborative Lifecycle Management, the new JazzHub enables you to quickly and easily work by yourself or with your teammates, wherever they are.

About two years ago, we started JazzHub as an experiment with the academic community.  Owing to its success, we’ve made the experience of using JazzHub even better and have been working tirelessly to open JazzHub to the wider software development community.

Want to become an early access user?  If you’ll be attending IBM Innovate 2013, stop by the JazzHub Live! event Monday through Wednesday, located in the Southern II Foyer to pick up an early access code.  If you won’t be at IBM Innovate 2013, send an email to to request access.

We want your feedback!  If you have a suggestion, a question, or a bug to report, post on the forum with the tag jazzhub.

Once you have your early access code, you can go from zero to writing code and planning a project in mere minutes.  We host the server on our cloud, so all you have to do is click, code, and create.


When you have your early access code, click on over to  Creating a project is as simple as typing the name of your project, selecting if your project is public or private, choosing between a basic or scrum project, and deciding if you want to store your code in Jazz source control or a GitHub repository.  Click “Create Project,” and you’re ready to go!


Once your project is created, you can begin coding right away.  Click “Code” in the navigation bar to be taken to the JazzHub editor.  Here you can code from within your browser–no download required!

Prefer to code locally on your computer?  No problem.  Use the Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse or Visual Studio.


Use our tools to create something great!  On your project’s page, you can create a project timeline so you can plan your project, create work items to track your work, and invite people to your team.  Create by yourself or collaborate with your friends across the world; the choice is yours.

Dive in deeper, and you can leverage the tools you’re familiar with in order to customize dashboards, query work items, or develop plans.

Explore the public projects to join an existing project you’re passionate about or get inspired to create something amazing!

Try it out!

Visit to get started clicking, coding, and creating.  To learn more, visit