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Innovate 2013

The Jazz Team is going to Disney World!
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Innovate 2013 provides the insights you need to stay ahead. With over 450 outcome-driven sessions, a cutting-edge Expo, labs, certifications and evening entertainment including a night at Disney's Animal Kingdom, this five-day event promises to be the technical education event of the year for software and product practitioners.

From DevOps to cloud computing, this is just a small sampling of the can't-miss sessions we have in store. To check out the full preview of available sessions, hop over to the Innovate 2013 Session Preview.

Developing in the Cloud, for the Cloud

Time slot: Monday, June 3rd @ 3:00 - 4:00 PM
Speakers: Scott Rich, Carolyn Pampino, Dave Thomson
Room: Asia 1

Developers are evolving. They're building new types of applications born on the Web, using Web techniques to scale and engaging customers through multiple channels, such as mobile applications and social media. They're leveraging the Web to learn how to build these applications, and to collaborate on their construction and deployment. They want to "do" and they want to do it now. IBM is evolving, too. We're changing the way we engage developers by reaching out to them and becoming an integral part of those established Web-based sources of information and collaboration. In this session we'll talk about how we're evolving developerWorks to provide this next generation Developer Experience, and how we will leverage JazzHub, and technologies like Orion and IBM's Cloud offerings, to enable developers to learn by doing quickly and easily in a fully hosted environment.

The JazzHub Story: Continuous agile web application development using Rational Team Concert

Time slot: Tuesday, June 4th @ 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Speakers: Rob Retchless, Adam Archer
Room: Southern II

Developing a live web application is like trying to hit a moving target and thus demands agility. As requirements evolve over time, tooling and processes are crucial to ensuring that code changes can be delivered quickly and efficiently while maintaining stability and reliability. In this interactive session, we will demonstrate how we manage the development of the JazzHub web site using the scrum process and will highlight the features of Rational Team Concert that we use to run daily stand-ups, track development progress, and deploy new JazzHub builds to staging and production.

Cloud Development at JazzHub

Time slot: Tuesday, June 4th @ 4:15 - 5:15 PM
Speakers: Scott Rich, Simon Kaegi, Mike Wilson
Room: Asia 2

JazzHub is transforming into the premier site for hosted agile development. In addition to simple project hosting, JazzHub will offer the full power of Rational Team Concert and supports fully hosted, "zero install" development of cloud based applications. This talk will demonstrate a developer workflow from exploring a sample application in IBM's Cloud infrastructure, editing the application source to implement a Feature, exploring the code artifacts related to the Feature, committing changes to a Stream and finally deploying the updated application to the Cloud. All this work will be done using only a browser, as would be expected in a Cloud development platform.

Mobile Development in the Cloud

Time slot: Wednesday, June 5th @ 10:00 - 11:00 AM
Speakers: Benjamin Chodroff, Derek Baron
Room: Asia 3

Many customers are wondering how to get started with mobile development. Some of the hardest challenges include creating rich multi-platform mobile applications, exposing their data securely, managing their mobile applications, and testing for security, functionality, and scalability. Cloud computing enables easy access to a variety of solutions that helps cut these challenges down to size. In this session, we will demonstrate IBM Worklight running in a managed cloud environment for creating web applications using JazzHub to manage project collaboration and delivery.

Lean UX: The Agile Design of JazzHub

Time slot: Thursday, June 6th @ 9:45 - 10:45 AM
Speakers: Jennifer Hayes, Corrie Kwan, Adam Archer
Room: Southern II

Many companies talk about Agile, but do they actually practice Agile? Collaboration between multi-disciplinary, globally distributed teams can be a challenge. But it can be done, and it can be done Lean. Our session will share the ongoing user experience and design of JazzHub: a fully hosted solution that supports development for agile teams. The session will focus primarily on how the JazzHub team worked together to bring together cross-discipline team members to design collectively, prototype quickly and test efficiently. Other general topics on user experience and improved UIs related to the solution will also be covered. The purpose of the session is not only to demonstrate the ongoing design progress, but also to gather input from the audience to help improve it. This session also includes a demonstration of JazzHub.