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Help, I’ve got an error message and don’t know what to do!

We all know how frustrating it can be to encounter an error message and not know what to do to fix it.  Now, you can find troubleshooting information and collaborate with others to improve error messages in the new Error Message Information Center for the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) products.

If an error occurs and the message does not include the details that you need to fix the problem, you might find those details in the information center. The Information Center for the CLM 4.0.1 products contains the error messages for each CLM product, and many of those messages include additional explanations about the errors, instructions to fix the errors,  or how to contact someone who can.  In the information center, you can find messages by either searching for a message ID or browsing the navigation pane.

Why should I use the error message information center?

Unlike the Information Center for the CLM 4.0.1 products, the new error message information center is not simply a place to search for messages. It’s also a place where you can collaborate to make messages better. Have you ever searched for a message, but either didn’t find the information that you needed, or found information that seemed wrong? In the new error message information center, you can post feedback that the Rational Development and User Assistance teams can use to ensure that messages are clear, complete, and helpful.

How do I provide feedback?

If you have feedback about a message, you can add a comment. To provide feedback about a message, open the message and click Add Comment. Type your name, email address, and feedback, and then click Save.

The error message information center is your place to collaborate to improve troubleshooting information. If you have ideas or questions about the error message information center, please let us know.

Your comments are always welcome!

Best regards,
The Rational User Assistance team