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You may have noticed that has had a little bit of a makeover, which we’re pretty excited about. Here are some highlights:

  • All new Forum with a Q&A model, voting on answers, flexible tagging, badges, and user reputation. Check it out and build up your reputation as a Jazz expert by answering others’ questions.
  • All new My Stuff section, where you can quickly see all the work items (bugs) that you care about, as well as Forum activity that you’re interested in.
  • All new Products pages with new videos, screenshots, and feature overviews.
  • All new What’s happening sections for each product (this link is for RTC’s) so you can see relevant blog posts from the Jazz Team, dive into project plans and details, and get engaged.
  • All new Integrations section, where we are constantly updating our growing list of “what works with what”.
  • All new Get Help page, with easy access to our new site-wide Search.
  • All new Planet Jazz section where we aggregate community bloggers who are blogging about Jazz.
  • All new Our Story section showing who we are, with an awesome Jazz history timeline, info about Jazz, our community, and our customers.
  • And tons of new little features and improvements that might just make all your wildest dreams come true!

And, of course, we wanted it to look fantastic. I think the team did an amazing job and hope that you’ll like it too!

And now for something completely different … kudos to some of the team members who helped with this makeover, in ways big and small (in no particular order, other than they are all awesome): Jennifer Hayes, Rob Retchless, Shilpa Toraskar, Spencer Griffin, Pratyush Dhruv, John Waller, Reuben Varzea, Robin Garside, Paul Klicnik, Liz Bonesteel, Rachel San, Eliane Tozman, Catherine Burrows, Dan Griffin, Scott Bosworth, Christine Walker, Jian (Joey) Zhou, Hari Vetsa, Paul Chyu, Carl Girouard, [some names I missed], and of course the unflappable Dave Thomson, without whom this couldn’t have been possible (what, we aren’t getting an Academy Award?). And don’t forget that the JazzHub is all new too (thanks Denise, Adam, Liz, Kristen, and others)!

Seth Packham Website Team Lead