Jazz, then and now

Early 20th century, our namesake is born – Jazz
Thank you Duke, Coltrane, Miles, and more...
Ottawa map
We build great tools for developers
IBM acquires Object Technology International
Since the late 80s, OTI was dedicated to building tools that boosted the productivity of individuals and teams. The OTI team built the original Eclipse tool platform and formed the core of the team that later built Jazz.
IBM seeds the Eclipse Project
with a code contribution
valued at $40 million.
"Suddenly, IBM is cool..." -- Slashdot
The Eclipse Project is launched by
IBM and 9 other founding companies.
We build a community and develop in the open.
"We follow these principles..."
The Agile Manifesto inspires us. We develop in iterations
and ship milestones of working software. We later
codify these and other agile practices in the Eclipse Way.
Lexington, Massachusetts
We get "rational" – Lexington, Massachusetts
Birthplace of American Liberty
Home to cool tools
IBM acquires Rational Software. A new beginning for
us as we go from developer IDEs to lifecycle tools –
task tracking, source control, and more.
Evolution of the Jazz Wordmark
The Jazz Project is born
And now for something completely different
Eclipse enabled a huge advance in developer productivity
Could we do for teams what Eclipse
did for individual developers?
We create "The Jazz Project" to find out!
The Jazz project is launched like an internal startup by people from IBM's Eclipse team, IBM Research, and the
newly-acquired Rational.
Reaction - Sweet!
Will our friends like it?
JavaOne Presentation
After a year of secrecy, we emerge from the lab to
demo Jazz at EclipseCon and JavaOne.
Original Jazz.net site
Jazz.net goes live!
Transparency is in our blood
Just as we did with Eclipse, we develop Jazz in the open at jazz.net. It's standing room only at EclipseCon when we show off an early version of the Jazz platform.
One year before the release
of our first Jazz product,
we're already using Jazz
to build Jazz.
Rational Team Concert
Our first customer, La Caixa,
orders 1000 seats of RTC before we even ship the release. Thanks Ferran!
A product for developers
Seamless integration
Simplicity through consistency
Collaboration in context
On June 25th, 2008, we release Rational Team Concert 1.0.
Integrated task tracking, source control, agile planning and
the Jazz platform make development teams highly productive.

Planes, trains, and automobiles
IBM acquires Telelogic
We aim Jazz at complex, embedded systems development.
General Motors uses the Rational platform
on Jazz in developing the Chevy Volt,
the electric vehicle that contains
over 10 million lines of code.

It's not easy being green.

The Jazz platform relies heavily on Linked Data concepts introduced by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
Integration inspired by the web
We embrace the architecture of the internet and
launch the OSLC community to champion
standards for tool integration.

Rational Quality Manager  Rational Requirements Composer
Two more Jazz products arrive...
Integrated quality management and
requirements definition
We release two more ALM products built on the Jazz platform. Rational Quality Manager and Rational Requirements Composer.

IBM saves $300M with agile practices and Rational Team Concert.
Rational Team Concert goes viral at IBM
By 2011, over 70,000 IBM developers are using
Rational Team Concert.

We are not alone
By 2010, Jazz partner consulting and training services are available on every continent, except Antarctica. A raft of partner extensions and integrations are available, too.
Riding the wave
Forrester Wave report names Rational Team Concert
as the "Best current offering" for agile development.
Yay us!

In the first 6 months, professors and students
from 46 universities in 18 countries create projects
at Academic JazzHub.
Jazz in the cloud
It's Academic JazzHub – a free, public hosting hub for the open development of academic research and classroom projects.
Design Management
Architects join the party
The Design Management project is released, enabling collaboration on architecture and design.

100K and counting...
Over 100,000 Jazz.net members are participating in the development of Jazz products.
We 3-step our way to integration standards

Industry consortiums CESAR and SPRINT join a growing number of supporters for OSLC specifications.
Along with Oracle, Tasktop, Red Hat, DERI, and SemanticWeb.com, we submit a Linked Data Basic Profile to the W3C.
EclipseLyo Eclipse Lyo, an open source project for an OSLC SDK, releases its first code.
Six Jazz founders win ACM award
for tool innovation
The original IBM technical team that developed Eclipse is awarded the ACM Software System Award for 2012.

Way to go – John, Dave, Philippe, Julian, Kevin, and Erich!
You make us proud.

We get more agile with DevOps
We begin transforming our development processes and culture to enable continuous delivery.

Riding a bigger wave

Forrester Wave™ Application Life-Cycle Management Q4 2012

Independent research firm ranks us highest among all vendors
in Current Offering for ALM Tools!

We get stronger on DevOps

IBM acquires UrbanCode strengthening our DevOps solution with application release automation capabilities to increase delivery speed, quality and stability via frequent, automated releases.

We put DevOps into practice

We leverage DevOps to begin shipping quarterly product releases. We share the ongoing story of our journey to continuous delivery.

DevOps lifecycle
We reach for the cloud

IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management as a Managed Service is available in a managed, virtual, private cloud environment.

One is sometimes better than two

We unify our requirements management application. IBM Rational Requirements Composer is renamed to and merged with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation.

We've got more to report

Jazz Reporting Service offers self-serve reporting through Report Builder.

We make complex development simpler

The Global Configuration Management application and configuration management capabilities make it easier for teams that develop complex products and systems to reuse components.

Innovation never stops

IBM DevOps Services (now known as IBM Cloud) is named "Top Innovator" at DeveloperWeek 2015.

Up, up, and away!

Collaborative Lifecycle Management on IBM Cloud helps teams deploy and scale faster on a secure, virtual, private cloud platform.

We become very Persistent

Persistent Systems and IBM strategically partner to pursue a joint Internet of Things strategy through the IBM Internet of Things Continuous Engineering and Collaborative Lifecycle Management solutions.

Our solutions are SAFe and sound

Support for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) process and templates help agile teams succeed in complex organizations.

Connectedness is key

The IBM Internet of Things Continuous Engineering solution helps organizations with multiple teams, technologies, and deployment platforms connect hardware and software lifecycles to build the Internet of Things.

Happy birthday to us!

Jazz is 10 years old.

Architects have more to celebrate

Rhapsody Model Manager, the latest architecture management tool, is introduced.

Share and share alike

The Jazz Community site opens. Anyone can join the open-source community to help us make Jazz even better.

Explore like never before

Product previews become available. Try the previews to get hands-on experience with the Internet of Things Continuous Engineering and Collaborative Lifecycle Management solutions.

Quick Planner gets better and better

We make agile planning quicker and easier across programs and teams with improvements to Quick Planner in Rational Team Concert.

We're not done yet!