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Accelerate time to delivery with Real-Time Planning

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.
– Alan Lakein, writer

It’s a bad plan that admits of no modification.
– Publilius Syrus, Roman slave and poet (circa 100 BC)

When we start a software project we can’t possibly predict all of the possible activities along the way. Yet planning is essential to a successful project. To accommodate these opposing forces, plans must constantly evolve as we develop a better understanding of the technical challenges. But how do we create and maintain plans that evolve along with the project?

In  this video, I demonstrate some of the Real-Time Planning features provided by the IBM Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management:

Real-time planning is a constantly evolving activity, where collaboration and traceability features help teams respond to changing events on a project. To be effective, the plan must be integrated with project execution and kept up-to-date automatically. Consider these questions:

  • Are your plans disconnected from the team’s activity?
  • Are tasks in the plan updated by someone other than the person who performed them or does a project manager go around manually asking for status updates?
  • Do you take into account the effort involved in elaborating, designing and testing, in addition to the development effort?
  • Does your plan provide multiple views of the same data allowing for top down and bottom-up views depending on your role?

Having visibility into a single plan across a team that spans requirements, development, and test ensures everyone on the team understands the overall status.  In addition, integrated plans ensure everyone on the team knows what tasks are in progress or next and real-time status keeps everyone aligned to know when they are done.  The transparency provided by real-time planning allows teams to respond and assess impact when the unexpected happens, as it invariably does.

Real-time planning accelerates time to delivery by:

  • Providing a single plan that spans requirements, development, design and test efforts
  • Integrating planning with execution to ensure that the entire team understands the project status
  • Providing teams with the real-time data needed to respond to the unexpected

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