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Rational Asset Manager released

Released just in time for the new year, Rational Asset Manager (RAM) improves on some of the features we delivered in September 2010:

  • Development teams asked for integration with the recently released Rational Team Concert 3.0 (RTC 3.0):
    • RAM supports OSLC-based linking, and Eclipse client integration with RTC 3.0.
  • Many of you liked the new Requirements and Asset linking via Rational Requirements Composer, while others asked that we provide similar support for Rational DOORS:
    • RAM enhances our OSLC for Requirements Management support to include linking Assets with Requirements in Rational DOORS.
  • You asked for even more reporting with Rational Insight:
    • RAM supports Rational Insight data warehousing and ETL for uber reporting!
  • We are continuously harvesting the best customer-driven governance policies and making them part of the available library of Policies:
    • You can use a policy on your assets to launch an automation project in Rational Build Forge, for example when a deployable asset such as an EAR gets approved, it can automatically invoke an automation project to get it deployed.
    • The “modify reviewer” policy has been improved to support configuring collaboration options and adding user groups dynamically based on your asset attribute
    • Copy attributes between assets
    • … and more!

You learn more about this release on the Rational Asset Manager New and Noteworthy page!

On behalf of the entire team, Happy New Year!

-Derek Baron