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We are at Innovate 2010

It is Sunday in Orlando, FL and the Innovate 2010 Rational Software Conference is in full swing. Here is our quick guide to Jazz at Innovate. You can see (or add to) a growing Flickr pool of photos to get a feel for the atmosphere:

(Reproduced with permission of YAHOO! Inc. ©2010 YAHOO! Inc. FLICKR and the FLICKR logo are registered trademarks of YAHOO! Inc.)

And for those of you in the twittersphere, follow @ibminnovate and @JazzDotNet and watch the #ibminnovate hash tag.

Like in previous years, we have a good number of Jazz developers, product managers, and other team members here to present keynotes, sessions, and workshops, to demo on the exhibit floor, and to help people get up to speed in the Jazz Cafe (Mon-Wed, 9:45-11:00 and 2:00-4:00pm, Europe 2). If you’re lucky enough to be here with us, we’d love to meet you and get your feedback!

But unlike a few years ago when Jazz was first introduced, Jazz-related sessions are now spanning the entire agenda, across several technical tracks, particularly the following tracks:

Or, you can also customize your attendance by following a virtual solution track, like the Agile or IBM Jazz solution tracks. And don’t be surprised to find sessions related to products on in any of the other technical tracks.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions and tell us what you think.

And one more thing … I’m roaming around the conference with my Flip camcorder looking to film some quick interviews with customers, partners, and other users and developers. If you’d love to be semi-famous and get your face on, just track me down and we’ll record a few quick takes. And if you’d love to share your story or feedback in a more professional video shoot, we’re doing some of that on Tuesday in Oceanic 4, or you can contact me.

We love to hear about all the cool things you’re doing. And if you don’t want your face on (why not?), you can share your written testimonial with us. Feel free to leave it as a comment here and maybe we’ll feature it on our testimonials page.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out and register there. We’ve done some cool new stuff on the home page, and we added a new roles page, a new testimonials page, and a new development portal for easily submitting bugs. We hope you like it!

Seth Packham, Website Lead
Twitter: @sethpackham or @JazzDotNet