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You're a software developer. Several areas of focus are vying for your attention: planning iterations, receiving assignments, getting approval for your changes, tracking your time, finding the status of a work item, and creating builds. All of these tasks can make your workflow complex and make it difficult to get actual code written, especially when you are looking to increase productivity, shorten development time, and produce higher quality software.

What you need is a simple, transparent way to track all of these development artifacts and integrate information about your iteration plans and assignments into your source changes. You need a way to collaborate with your team about code changes, communicate these changes to testers for approval, view error and build reports, control versions, and create a one-click build for your product.

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Quality Professional

You're a quality professional. People are always coming to you with questions: are all the requirements tested? Is everything working? Are we ready to ship? But crunching all of your data down to one simple answer is not easy. There's lots of data to track, such as test requirements, test results, and defect lists. Collecting all of that data and reducing it down to answer these key questions quickly becomes an overwhelming, time-consuming effort.

What you need is a way to create a plan that captures and tracks different types of data, a way to execute manual and automated tests to fulfill your plan, and a way to convert all this data into information that you can use for decision making.

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You're an analyst. The data you gather to express requirements is stored as artifacts across many different tools and formats such as spreadsheets, presentations, snapshots of whiteboard sessions, or recordings from Web conferences. It can be complicated to put together the connections between these artifacts, and difficult to collaborate with others about the information these artifacts contain.

What you need is a way to move from unstructured ideas to structured, actionable requirements expressed as stories, use cases, declarative requirements, work items, and tests. You need to communicate requirements and decisions transparently to stakeholders, consistently and quickly build storyboards and wireframe mock-ups with re-usable parts, and track the completion of requirements across the software development lifecycle.

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