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Using RRC 2.0 in a C/ALM solution

As a member of the Rational Requirements Composer product delivery team, working closely with customers and the IBM sales teams, I have the opportunity to see patterns in the challenges that teams are facing.  Considering this from the perspective of requirements and the people who create, refine, and use them to guide their work, these challenges include the following:

With the introduction of  Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management (C/ALM), it has become easier to answer many of these questions.

Below is a short video showing a simple example of a business analyst using this solution to develop a set of business requirements and relating them to Release, Iteration, and Test plans. All members of the team (analyst, developers, and testers) use their normal tool of choice, thus ensuring that the developed solution is delivered and validated as defined by the requirements. The demo is not exhaustive. See the C/ALM features page for more detail.

The products used in this demo:

To learn more about supported product versions, see the C/ALM versions page.

Process used:

For further information: