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DOORS is now available!

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We continue to develop and support DOORS 9 and DOORS Web Access in parallel with DOORS Next, and I am pleased to announce the general availability of IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS and DOORS Web Access on IBM Fix Central.

DOORS contains the following enhancements:

· The web browser technology embedded in the DOORS client application used for the OSLC link selection and creation dialogs is now based on the Microsoft Edge Webview2 UI control instead of the Microsoft .Net Web Browser UI Control (Internet Explorer technology). This enables the integration with the most recent versions of third-party applications that rely on modern web technologies and require an up-to-date web browser.

· The DOORS client application is supported on Microsoft Windows 11.

· Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol is now used by default for the communication between web browsers and the DOORS Web Access server. TLS 1.2 protocol is also now the default for the communication between the DOORS client applications and the DOORS server when it is configured to be encrypted.

· Support for IBM Common Licensing v9.0

See the Release Notes for additional information.

Christophe Telep
Product Manager