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RQA 3.1 – Improve Requirements with IBM Watson

IBM Rational Quality Assistant (RQA) 3.1.x is the most recent version of IBM’s tool for improving the quality of your organization’s requirements. RQA integrates with IBM DOORS Next and IBM DOORS 9 to score your requirements based on criteria consistent with the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements.

RQA pre-trained IBM Watson AI to detect 10 quality issues with your requirements:
• Unclear actor or user
• Compound requirement
• Negative requirement
• Escape clause
• Missing units
• Missing tolerances
• Ambiguity
• Passive
• Incomplete requirements
• Unspecific quantities

RQA with DOORS Next covers more than 85% of INCOSE guidelines and over 78% using DOORS 9.

RQA is available on-prem and requires Red Hat OpenShift 4.

See the RQA Overview documentation for more information and the latest update. RQA version 3.1.x is the most recent product level where all defect fixes are delivered. The RQA operator can be installed using the OpenShift console.