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IBM ELO – Method Composer v7.6.2.1 is now available

We are excited to announce the release of version, which includes various new features and improvements that we believe will enhance your collaborative process authoring and tailoring experience.

Some of the highlights of this release include:

Expanded web-based process authoring to include advanced user cases

Until now, the web authoring client provided basic authoring features: creating roles, work products, and tasks. Advanced process authoring still required users to continue using the rich client. Features released in MEC bring key advanced functionality of the rich client to the web-based authoring client:

1. Define Configuration and Configuration view to scope the plugins included in the process library in the web client

In a DOORS Next project created using the new updated DOORS Next project template, included in the MEC, in a ‘Process Module’:

  • Define Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) to create a table of contents, views, and navigation menus in the published process
  • Create custom categories to define navigation menus in the published process
  • Create a new method type or modify an existing type
  • Extend elements in a hierarchy to reuse structures from other modules

Image 1: Define Work Breakdown Structure in a ‘Process Module’

Image 2: Work Breakdown Structure in a ‘Process Module’ becomes table of contents, views, and navigation menus in published process

Notable changes:

  • Practice type merged into a subtype of Category
  • Delivery process no longer supported (all WBS structures are Capability Patterns)

2. Reports for Method validation

New JRS reports help process authors assess coverage and identifying gaps to improve consistency and completeness of the process

3. Publish the process website using command line

Use the provided sample PowerShell script for one-step Reqif import, publish and deploy to a Jazz server.

Enhanced elements of published process website

Some minor but notable enhancements are also a part of this release:

1. Generate backlinks from Deliverable Parts to Deliverables

2. View list of work products organized under additional headers to better indicate nature of relationship to task i.e., Mandatory input to, Mandatory input to (indirect), Optional input to, Optional input to (indirect), Output From (indirect)

3. Insert own favicon for MEC generated process website.

Software components updates

1. Updated underlying technologies to address functional gaps and potential security vulnerabilities

  • Lucene 3.5
  • Dojo 1.17.2
  • Bootstrap 5.1.3

2. Removed Applet search capability as browsers no longer support it.

3. Support for Windows 11 as a rich client

4. Support for RHEL 8.6 (previous RHEL versions are no longer supported)

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with process authoring, I hope you’ll find these updates helpful as you navigate the world of process authoring and tailoring. You can download the new release from here and get started using some of the new tutorials available on IBM Docs. Thank you for using IBM ELO – Method Composer, and I look forward to hearing your feedback on the new version.

Happy authoring!
Bhawana Gupta
Senior Product Manager, IBM Engineering