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New features in ELM 7.0.2 iFix018

We’ve been enjoying some improvements when using our self-host, which is always running the latest milestone of the release under development. In the spirit of the season, we are offering them to you and your user community as part of 7.0.2 so you don’t have to wait for the next full release.

These end-user enhancements are turned off by default, so your admin team can decide when (or whether) to turn them on. We know some of you want to test new features before deciding whether to provide education as part of rolling out enhancements to your users.


  • Work items: Paste an image on your system clipboard directly into a work item attachment. This saves a lot of clicks, for example when creating and attaching a screenshot of a system under development.
  • Work items: Preview a PDF attachment to a work item in a rich hover, as you can do with images today.
  • Work items: Optionally copy the parent link when copying a work item, since a copied work item typically has the same parent.
  • Global Configuration Management: an administrator can configure the ELM applications’ OSLC domain label text displayed as part of global configuration contribution so that it’s more meaningful to users (for example: “RMM” or “Models” instead of “AM”)
  • Test Management: display the file names of multiple attachments linked to a test script step and step result, simplifying access to multiple documents, images, videos, providing guidance or evidence for this test script.

I note here some defects we’ve fixed that will be of particular interest to some users

  • Global Configuration Management: wrap text in configuration picker dialog, which will reduce ambiguity for teams working with very long configuration names
  • Work items: When moving a work item to another project area, attributes of type StringList are now included
  • LQE and Report Builder: Do not send emails to archived users (an information security matter already addressed in the other applications)
  • LQE: metamodel reconstruction is more robust (much less likely to produce an incomplete metamodel)

In addition, we have made some serviceability improvements for administrators and their interactions with IBM Support, related to reporting via LQE and Report Builder or Engineering Insights:

  • LQE: Provide status when reindexing vocabularies is in progress or completed (in LQE UI and lqe.log)
  • LQE: make “TRS error events” more visible to administrators
  • Test Management: Allow partial download of TRS feed when directed by IBM Support
  • Test Management: Provide action for administrator to clean up expired events in TRS Console

See the 7.0.2 iFix018 readme for more information.

Last, a reminder: for this and all 7.0.2 iFixes after iFix 015 it is necessary to install 7.0.2 SR1 iFix015 first. If you haven’t applied iFix015 yet, plan to spend some additional time, since it takes more effort than a typical iFix. And yes, iFixes continue to be cumulative since 7.0.2 GA.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2023,

Daniel Moul
ELM Principal Product Manager