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Getting Hands on with ELM through Quick Starts

Everyone has demands on their time so learning new things, especially potentially complex tools, is not an easy thing to fit into our busy schedules.

Quick Starts are short, focused, introductory hands-on labs that are designed to take less than two hours to complete so a very small investment of time.

Whether you want to rapidly get up to speed on a topic or simply kick the tires of a particular offering or capability, Quick Starts are the place to come.

  • Want to know how to get started building views in Engineering Insights ?
  • Want to get started with modeling Rhapsody ?
  • Want to see how Engineering Workflow Management integrates with GIT ?

Quick Starts are the answer. There are currently 26 Quick Starts covering all of ELM with more on the way.

Access the complete set of Quick Starts here:

You can follow a specific path through the journey map or simply dive in anywhere that interests you.

If there is a topic you would like to see as a Quick Start feel free to leave a comment.