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Introducing a new integration for IBM Engineering Workflow Management with IBM App Connect

We are excited to introduce a new connector for IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) with IBM App Connect. IBM App Connect allows users to connect applications and data from existing systems and modern technologies across any environment. This integration is a gamechanger for organizations to quickly build information flows in minutes and accelerate their work by connecting EWM to over 100 different applications. 

This new integration will make it easier to share all work items and their data in EWM project areas with a wide variety of different tools and platforms. This means you can easily create flows to find, view, create, and update work items, including their attributes, links and attachments. For example, if your organization uses ServiceNow for security or operations and someone creates a ticket, your teams using ELM can receive a corresponding EWM work item as part of their natural workflow, automatically generated from the ServiceNow ticket.

EWM customers who use this new integration with IBM App Connect will have access to create flows alongside 100+ other tools and platforms offered in IBM App Connect’s catalog, including Jira, Trello, Confluence, IBM Maximo, AmazonS3, Google Cloud, SAP, and ServiceNow. Integrations that have often been requested in the past now can easily be realized. For example, now users can create work items instantly from leading business communication platforms, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

We hear from some of you that you don’t want to staff teams of integration developers to write custom integrations using direct product APIs. Instead, they need an easy-to-use solution where they can quickly customize and implement data flows between best of breeds tools. That’s why we’re excited for clients to take advantage of this new integration that will help engineering teams be less siloed and disconnected.

Want to learn more? On November 18th, join me and the IBM App Connect team as we demonstrate these exciting new capabilities and see how to create an integration flow for yourself. Register now.

If you have any feedback or questions, please use the Forum and use the tag “integration”.

See you on November 18th.
Manoj Panda
Senior Product Manager
Ecosystem and Integrations, IBM Engineering