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OSLCFest – showcasing engineering transformation in action

Many companies are focused on accelerating the digital transformation of their business processes, but innovative companies are also focused on the digital transformation of their engineering processes. This transformation is also known as “digital engineering’ as originally coined by the US DoD.

The primary objectives of the digital transformation of engineering are to leapfrog your competitors and get your product into use faster while improving development productivity, lowering the cost of quality, and assuring that your products meet the customer needs. Leveraging digital representations of product designs as well as the underlying engineering data, development teams can better collaborate, refine, and continuously validate and verify their designs.

One of the key challenges in establishing such environments is how to integrate multiple “authoritative sources of truth” or ASOTs. Many engineering environments leverage a variety of development tools from multiple vendors (including home-grown tools) which can silo data. This can include requirements management, systems modeling, analysis and simulation, and domain implementation tools such as software repositories, mechanical and electrical design environments. Each of these “ASOTs” manages and owns its data and to digitally transform engineering all this data needs to be shareable in a federated data integration approach.

The Open Services for Lifecycle Standard, known as OSLC, was created exactly for this purpose. Based on the W3 semantic web stack, it leverages the scalability of the web to link and integrate data across tool providers. It represents data vocabularies and how they are related for the purpose of linking and reasoning about a web of data. OSLC provides the machinery that can transform different data providers into a digital fabric that fosters data integrity, data analysis and reasoning to support the objectives of digital engineering.

Come join the OSLCFest Virtual Conference, that will take place on Nov 2-3, where OSLC practitioners will discuss the state of the market and demonstrate how they use OSLC to address real life engineering challenges. If your company wants to better understand how to optimally transform your engineering environment, then you need to attend OSLCFest.