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IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS is the leading requirements management solution in the market today

At IBM, we know modern requirements management. IBM DOORS pioneered modern requirements management software starting in the 1990’s, and through continued focus and product advancement IBM is recognized as an industry leader in requirements management solutions today.

As systems engineering and development has matured over the last thirty years so has IBM’s engineering solutions. Today DOORS is available in two distinct versions – DOORS Family and DOORS Next. The DOORS Family product established IBM as a leader in requirements management and many companies have built their entire development process around its functionality. Following in the footsteps of DOORS Family IBM introduced DOORS Next- an integrated and open RM solution built using a lightweight architecture and web client interface.

DOORS Family and DOORS Next are cornerstones of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) integrated suite for managing complex software and product development. We continue to invest in these platforms as we execute on our IBM ELM portfolio strategy- streamlining the end user experience, transforming existing workflows with artificial intelligence (AI), and growing our ecosystem of interoperability with tools already deployed in your engineering stack. This is why IBM ELM is the choice of leading engineering companies across the automobile, aerospace and defense, medical device industries, and governmental agencies. It’s also why IBM was named market leader in the recent report from Kisaco Research.

Today’s products are becoming more complex, increasingly dependent on software for functionality and differentiation, and experiencing growing compliance and regulatory oversight. Companies have come to depend on the reputation, functionality, scalability, integration, and service that IBM ELM delivers.

In summary…

There are many vendors in the market that try to compare their offerings to DOORS. They want to talk about data and show you how to migrate off of DOORS. But they never really explain why or what the real benefits will be.  When your company’s reputation and success is tied to the products you develop you want a requirements management solution that you can depend on. No other product has the successful track record of DOORS and no other vendor has the successful track record of IBM.

Brian Sanders
IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software