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What’s new in IBM Engineering Requirements Management – DOORS Next 7.0.2

DOORS Next 7.0.2 brings together two themes, Usability & Consistency over ELM and reporting over requirements versions.

Usability & Consistency over Engineering Lifecycle Management:

Making use of traceability for change impact analysis and reporting

  • Simplified linking: drag-drop or copy-paste links within and between requirements, tests, and work items

Consistent selection of Users with an updated User Picker across all ELM applications

  • Making the transition between products much simpler by seeing the same common functions in each environment

Awareness of change for requirements engineers

  • A new requirements comparison report is available to detail an audit trail of what has changed between different versions of requirements.  Reports can be tailored using PUB templates.
  • The Module audit history report has been reinstated from version 6.

We have also been making improvements for ReqIF, tightening compliance to the ReqIF standard to improve communication between different Requirements Tools.

For more information on Engineering Lifecycle Management 7.0.2, see the more detailed “What’s New” posts and the various “New & Noteworthy” documents, for example, starting with Requirements Management.


Richard Watson
Offering Managemen