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Want to optimize your engineering lifecycle? Come to IoT Exchange to learn how

How are engineers using data and AI to optimize lifecycle management?

Today’s engineering teams are facing greater pressures to reduce time to market while battling the crushing data complexity that comes with developing feature-rich, connected products. These demands are magnified by an ever-expanding skills gap that industry leaders are solving with AI.

The Engineering Academy at the first-ever IoT Exchange will tackle these challenges to help you lead your organization toward optimizing your product lifecycle.

Turn your data into valuable, actionable insights with AI

If you understand that your competitive advantage lies in the better application of data and analytics, then you won’t want to miss the lineup at the Engineering Academy. You’ll learn how industry leaders are creating a mindset shift to integrate today’s IoT tools for better management of systems of systems, and teams of teams. You’ll also get live demos that feature what AI is doing to transform engineering lifecycle management.

Learn from engineers who have triumphed over the challenge of change

The Engineering Academy at IoT Exchange brings together a robust mix of experts and practitioners for 2½ days of engaging sessions, demonstrations, case studies, and discussions. You’ll be introduced to the latest advancements for engineering teams to combat complexity and leverage AI. You’ll attend informative VoiCE sessions featuring IBM clients and business partners. And you’ll hear transformational stories and best practices by peers who’ve overcome the same challenges you’re facing.

This event combines the best elements of the Agile and Engineering conferences you may have attended in recent years.

40 tailored sessions packed with engineering expertise

The IoT Exchange Engineering Academy is the premier event for engineering teams looking for ways to manage data complexity in today’s IoT market. The Academy is designed to allow you to go deep into subject areas of keen interest to you:

  • AI and lifecycle optimization
  • Requirements management
  • Model-based systems engineering
  • Quality and test management
  • Agile development
  • Deployment and Saas

Register now to attend the Engineering Academy at IoT Exchange, 24-26 April at the Hilton Orlando

Learn from leaders. Network with peers. Connect with the IBM IoT Engineering community. Get hands-on experience, see real-world results, and prepare yourself to implement innovative solutions that will help you conquer the complexity of your lifecycle management process.

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Register for the Engineering Academy at IoT Exchange

Learn how IBM is bringing AI to Engineering Requirements Management