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Improvement to the CLM Maintenance Model

As part of our continuous improvement efforts,  the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) team is excited to announce the following changes in our CLM Maintenance Model that will include more fixes in our most current streams. Based on client feedback, this will provide a better upgrade experience for current releases that are not an Extended Maintenance Release (EMR), while keeping us agile in supporting older EMRs.

CLM Maintenance – the changes

The CLM Maintenance Model now includes APAR fix deliveries requested through test fix requests to the current CLM GA and CLM (GA – 1) releases. The updated model is as follows:

  • An APAR fix is requested by a customer for a particular CLM release (e.g. CLM 6.0.3)  through a test fix request
  • The fix is delivered to a future iFix for that release (e.g. CLM 6.0.3 iFix011)
  • The fix is delivered to any subsequent EMRs. Current EMRs are CLM 5.0.2 and CLM 6.0.2
  • NEW! The fix is delivered to the next iFix for CLM 6.0.4 (CLM GA-1) and CLM 6.0.5 (CLM GA)


Further Reading

For more information on the CLM Maintenance model, see the following:


Paul Strachan
CLM Maintenance Release Manager