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The CLM on Cloud tool shop

Not long ago, I wanted to build a live-edge table for my dining room. I have some tools and a plan on how to build the table; I don’t own a planer, table saw, or have enough space to do the work in my modest, Toronto semi-detached house. I thought of buying the tools for several thousands of dollars and trying to clear some space in my cluttered garage.

Then I discovered that my neighborhood has a woodworking shop that rents out its space and tools to the public. The owners of the shop buy and maintain all the machinery and rent out the facility on a per-day basis. The shop has every protection in place for safe use of tools offered and provided a secure room to store my project. So I decided to save some money (and some headaches!) and use the shop to make my table. Within a couple of weeks, I finished my live-edge table and used the money I saved to buy chairs.

live-edge table

Similarly, IBM offers collaborative lifecycle management solutions on the Cloud. If you want to manage your complex project, but do not want to use valuable infrastructure resources of your own or make a large investment to buy software licenses, IBM Internet of Things Continuous Engineering on Cloud (IOT CE on Cloud) solution might be a good option for your team. Like my neighborhood woodworking shop, IBM:

  • provides the cloud instance of Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) for you to use
  • maintains the infrastructure
  • gives you around-the-clock access to your application and data with no overhead for your team

Like my small woodworking project, where I didn’t purchase my own full suite of woodworking tools, your team can use all the tools in the IBM’s IOT CE on Cloud to manage your projects, without your having to purchase the product and install and maintain it on your own infrastructure. IBM provides a tailor-made solution for your project needs, hosted on the cloud in a single-tenant environment. IBM Cloud is secure by design, with continuous monitory and ensuring key standards, so, like my neighborhood workshop, they provide a secure home for my project and data. The solution gives you all the CLM capabilities

  • in a managed virtual private cloud environment
  • managed by IBM teams who
    • install
    • configure
    • monitor the solution on a 24×7 basis

You can subscribe to a single product solution, or all of them, for one month up to sixty, for 5 or more team members. Subscribe to as much or as little of the CLM on cloud solution as you want, paying monthly or up front. IBM developers manage the infrastructure, maintain and update the software, secure and protect your data, and all you have to do is sign on and start working on your projects.

These solutions are available on the cloud:

– IBM® IoT Continuous Engineering on Cloud – which includes Rational® solution for CLM, Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager, Rational DOORS® Next Generation and Rational Rhapsody® Design Manager
– IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management on Cloud
– IBM DOORS Next Generation on Cloud
– IBM Quality Manager on Cloud
– IBM Team Concert on Cloud
– IBM Engineering Lifecycle Manager on Cloud

For more information, see IOT CE on Cloud documentation.