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Wondering what’s happening with your favorite IoT Continuous Engineering or Collaborative Lifecycle Management development tool? Do you want to know when a certain enhancement will be added? Are you curious about the content or status of an upcoming release? Use to find out.

The unique, open software development approach that the Jazz team practices allows our customers to see exactly what we’re working on, follow our progress, and provide feedback throughout the development cycle. All you need is a account to see how our transparent process, combined with the Agile methodology, lets us increase the productivity of our team and the quality of our software.

The Jazz team enthusiastically uses our products to develop our products. Considering we’re building industry-leading Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, it makes perfect sense for us to leverage our own tooling. This commitment also allows us to more thoroughly exercise our code, identify with our customers, and eliminate any shortcomings.

To get a one-of-a-kind look at development,

1. Go to a product landing page. For instance, on the home page, click “Learn more” on the Rational Team Concert (RTC) slide in the revolving carousel.



2. Click on “What’s happening”. Depending on the product, this is either a link or tab near the top of the page.



3. On the “What’s happening” page, click “See project dashboard”.  Log in with a ID, if prompted.



You’ll now see the RTC dashboard that the development team uses for project management and work item tracking.  This is an example of how we use RTC to help develop it.  The plans and work items that you see in the dashboard are the same as the ones that our planners, developers, and testers use everyday. Nothing is hidden.

Each dashboard is customized by the individual team. At the time of this writing, the RTC dashboard looks like this:


From this dashboard, you can perform activities such as:

  • access the schedule for the current release
  • plan release content and determine priorities for each sprint
  • track development progress/status
  • see test plans and test progress/status
  • check the current status of a continuous delivery pipeline
  • follow the quality certification process
  • view performance and defect reports generated by the RTC team… and much more.


You can dive down into individual work items to see more details and communicate with the developers.



Once you’ve subscribed to work items, you can click “MY STUFF” on the menu bar, then on the “Work items” tab to easily keep track of those items.



In addition to tracking progress for each product development team, Jazz teams use dashboards to manage collaboration across products.  For instance, the CLM dashboard allows us to track all required quality metrics across the products in the CLM solution (RTC, Rational Quality Manager, DOORS Next Generation) on a daily basis.


Because RTC automatically updates this data, Jazz team members are free to focus on what’s really important… developing our software.

We hope you enjoy using to get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes perspective of what we do. Be sure to take advantage of our solutions to improve the  transparency of your process, accountability of your team members, and the quality of your deliverables. The Jazz team values your input and participation so feel free to provide suggestions on how we can continuously improve our products and solutions.