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What’s new in Team Concert Jenkins plug-in

We are pleased to announce that Team Concert Jenkins plug-in is here!

About Team Concert Jenkins plug-in

Team Concert Jenkins plug-in integrates Jenkins with Rational Team Concert’s (RTC) SCM and Build capabilities using the richer features of the build toolkit. It provides options to configure Jenkins jobs to use RTC source control. Jenkins jobs can also be configured to use the source control options specified in an RTC build definition, facilitating Jenkins builds to be managed from RTC and take advantage of the traceability provided across RTC work items, builds, and change sets. The plug-in also publishes the changelog information in the Jenkins builds and supports polling.

RTC Jenkins plug-in

The Team Concert Jenkins plug-in works with build toolkit versions starting from 4.0.7. The plug-in can be downloaded from here.

Enhancements in include the following:

Additional build configurations

The following build configurations are supported for RTC SCM in addition to Build Definition and Build Workspace configurations.

  • Load from a Snapshot

This configuration is mainly intended to be used in builds that capture the current state of the RTC SCM workspace/stream in a snapshot and start downstream builds that would populate the Jenkins workspace from the passed snapshot. Parameterized Trigger plug-in can be used to start a downstream snapshot build. Loading from a snapshot that is directly specified in the job configuration, either by name or UUID, is also supported. Loading from a snapshot is useful when concurrent builds have to be executed on the same configuration.

Load Using Snapshot

A change log is not generated and polling is not supported for loading from a snapshot, as it is an immutable configuration.

  • Load from a Stream

This configuration supports building from the current state of the specified stream. Subsequent builds capture the changes made to the stream since the previous build.

Load Using Stream

In this configuration, you can choose the change log to be generated by comparing the current build with the previous successful build. The default option is to compare with the last executed build, successful or otherwise.

Successful Build Compare

Load and Accept options

Some of the load and accept options that were previously configurable only in RTC build definitions are now supported in the Jenkins job configuration for RTC SCM. The accept and load options are available for build configurations other than Build Definition.

  • Load options

You can configure the directory on the build machine where the repository files will be loaded. You can also delete the contents of the load directory before reloading. You can choose to create folders for components, in which case the load directory has folders for components at the top level and each of these folders has the files and folders for that component.

Load Options

  • Accept options

When you load the Jenkins workspace from an RTC SCM workspace, you can configure whether to accept latest changes before loading.

Accept Options