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Update: Quick Deployer v1.2 is now available

We’re very pleased to announce that IBM Quick Deployer version 1.2 is now available, free to download and use from under a “Non-warranted Program” license.

IBM Quick Deployer is installation and deployment automation for IBM’s Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Continuous Engineering (CE) Solutions 6.0.2, 6.0.1 and CLM 6.0 on Red Hat Linux 6.6+ using UrbanCode Deploy (UCD).

Version 1.2 allows users to install and deploy CE version 6.0.2 as well as earlier versions. Some additional capabilities we’ve added include automatic restart for Red Hat 7 servers after reboot, additional fixes for iFix support when using a standalone Design Manager topology and removal of the need to use the root password for UCD – you can now use sudo. We’ve also delivered several other robustness, usability and flexibility enhancements.

In version 1.1 we added support for Rhapsody Design Manager, automated single sign on configuration to support distributed topologies, and support for automated CLM iFix installation.

The system requirements, limitations, and further details on version 1.2 of IBM Quick Deployer can be found in the documentation here.

And just to let everyone know, we’re currently refactoring our code base to allow us to support windows. No time frame on when we will be able to make this available, but we know there’s a lot of interest, so stay tuned!