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Need SAFe V4.0 Support? Look no further…

I am very pleased to announce the availability of Configuring SAFe V4.0 in CLM . You can follow the step-by-step guidance in this document to configure a SAFe V4.0 tooling environment by customizing an existing project area or set of process templates in CLM V6.0.1 or later. We have developed these guidelines in an effort to deliver beta templates for SAFe V4.0. If you would rather not wait and would like to configure your own environment, these guidelines are all you need to get started on your own.

Let’s explore your options…

Starting with SAFe V3.0 Portfolio (CLM 6.0.1)

If you have an existing CLM 6.0.1 environment, start with the SAFe V3.0 Portfolio and Program templates provided for Rational Team Concert, Rational DOORS Next Generation and Rational Quality Manager. From there, you can add the SAFe V4.0 support as described.

Starting with Scrum (CLM 6.x or earlier)

If you have CLM project areas on 6.0 or earlier, and/or have project areas configured to use process templates other than those for SAFe V3.0, you can start with the RTC SAFe Migration Guidelines to bring your environment to a SAFe V3.0 level. Once completed, you can apply the guidance for SAFe V4.0.

Where can you learn more?

The new SAFe landing page on ( is the place where all new information will be posted, including additional documentation. Look for an announcement in the coming weeks about the availability of SAFe V4.0 beta templates, updated guidance documents, and domain models.

As always, we are here to help you with your SAFe transformation, so don’t hesitate to reach out. And, of course, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

The IBM SAFe Team