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Announcing Rational Publishing Engine 2.0 GA

The Rational Publishing Engine 2.0 is now available as a GA download. This major release includes a simplified web interface that will help clients focus on generating documents with minimal steps and also apply effective template reuse within their organization.

To learn more about the capabilities of this release, read the “What’s new” section in our Infocenter documentation for RPE 2.0.

You can try the document generation capabilities by accessing our cloud sandbox on  Login with your id and click on “Create Examples” for a quick start on using the new web interface.

We look forward to your feedback on the design and usability of the system. If there are any use cases in your organization that is not addressed with the current system, please write to us at

In this release, we have adopted IBM Design Thinking methodology for the first time. We have received valuable inputs from our clients and our stakeholders through the design partner program. I would like to thank all our clients who participated in the design partner and in the Beta program. We look forward to your inputs on the GA version of Rational Publishing Engine 2.0.