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Collaborative Lifecycle Management Beta M9: See it at InterConnect 2015 and get it here on

We are looking forward to demonstrating our latest Beta Milestone M9 and hearing feedback from clients like you at InterConnect 2015, which starts this weekend in Las Vegas.  With Milestone 9 now available for download, it’s possible to create development streams and baselines that span two or more project areas managed by multiple applications (for example RM and QM).  These federated streams and baselines are defined using the new Global Configuration Management application and make possible scenarios like these:

  • Baseline a set of requirements; include that baseline in a global stream with tests under development, linking between the tests and the requirements they validate. Baseline the tests, then create a global baseline that includes the requirements and tests.
  • Branch a global baseline to create a stream for a fix pack; the steam can include requirements, designs, tests, and implementation source files — and the links between them.
  • Define a product or application as a set of components in a hierarchy, with subsystems and sub-subsystems.  Each component version is determined by the global configuration of that component, which in turn includes baselines and/or streams contributed by the various applications (requirements, designs, tests, and source implementation artifacts).
  • Reuse most of this hierarchy release-to-release or in a new product variant, updating only those components that are changing for the new release.

If you are coming to InterConnect you can learn more in the Expo Hall, in open lab design workshops, and in various sessions. For example, Nick Crossley and I will review the above scenarios (and others) on Monday in DCM-1877 Wow! Configuration Management across tools and teams with IBM Rational Jazz. Clients will be sharing how they have increased their teams’ effectiveness through use of IBM development tools and improved development practices.  Sessions by Robert Bosch, Qualcomm, Olympus Medical, Motorola Solutions, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Airbus are on my personal short list to attend.

We’ve been busy improving our solutions for teams developing IT solutions and practicing agile at scale as well. M9 includes some nice enhancements to Quick Planner, and DOORS NG’s new diagram editor is shaping up nicely — it’s written in HTML 5, and we expect it will eventually replace the existing visual editors, which are based on older Java plug-in technology.

As always see the New and Noteworthy pages for the latest news. The CLM N&N is a good place to start. And if you’d like to know more about global configurations, see my last post and related links.

Daniel Moul
Senior Product Manager