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Announcing CLM 4.0.7

We are pleased to announce the release of CLM 4.0.7, the recommended maintenance release for customers who want to stay on the version 4 base of Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM).  This release provides improvements in support and resolutions to key defects and security issues.

Improved maintenance

On the journey to Continuous Delivery, we identified the need to resolve defects quickly and thoroughly to provide the highest quality. For more information about how IBM is using DevOps to transform CLM maintenance, see this blog series: A DevOps Transformation for CLM Maintenance – Part 1.

Based on this investigation, IBM will be delivering interim fixes for CLM 4.0.7 with these characteristics:

  1. Limited content through strict governance
  2. Detailed descriptions of content in readme files and on
  3. Clearly defined upgrade path that is described in the readme file
  4. Cumulative and consistent content for all customers
  5. Ease of in-place application (easy to apply)
  6. Ease of rollback (easy to remove)
  7. Right-sized through patch services technology

If you upgrade to 4.0.7, you will have a predictable and reliable mechanism to receive fixes. The interim fixes are available by contacting the IBM Support team.

Key defects

In this release, the primary objective is to ensure that deployment to version 4.0.7 results in no regressions and zero down time.  To achieve this objective, we were rigorous in our governance of content:

  • No new features were added
  • Defects limited to those requested by customers
  • The system requirements remained consistent with version 4.0.6, except for the addition of SQL Server 2012 and an updated Java Runtime Environment

This philosophy allowed us to focus development and testing to ensure the highest quality.  For a complete list of the defects that were resolved in version 4.0.7,  see the release notes.

If you are looking for new features and resolutions to additional defects, try version 5.0.

Security updates

Another key aspect of long-term stability is security. Version 4.0.7 contains resolutions to documented IBM PSIRT issues following the NIST guidelines. For more information about IBM Product Security and incident responses, see the IBM Product Security Incident Response page.

But wait, didn’t IBM just announce version 5.0?

Version 5.0 was announced in June 2014. Be sure to try it out if you haven’t already. Version 5.0 provides new features for DevOps, agile development, reporting, and much more. An excellent overview of the version 5.0 content is available in this blog entry: Five is alive! Announcing the release of CLM 5.0.

Version 4.0.7 is for customers who need particular system requirements or want more time to evaluate their upgrade to a 5.0 release.

For more details, check out our Release Notes pages for Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Requirements Composer.


Ginny C Ghezzo
Rational Program Director
Rational Client Relations