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New Track and Plan Beta now available at IBM DevOps Services

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I’m very excited to announce that its now possible for you to try out the Beta of our new improved tracking and planning capabilities at IBM DevOps Services.   We’ve been working on these for a while now and have decided we need your help in validating our design and capabilities.

To enable or disable this for your project, go to your Project Settings and select the new “BETA FEATURES” and check the “Try the new Track & Plan Beta” option.

You’ll also see a prompt under the TRACK & PLAN menu advertising it.

Once enabled, when you or project members and/or guest selects “TRACK AND PLAN” on your project you will be instead land on a new Track & Plan page instead of landing on the “Welcome to WorkItem” page, .   This new page provides developers and development teams with lightweight yet functional views  focused on workflows for small agile teams.   If you’ve enabled “Scrum Development”, these include:

4 views focused on “me”:

  • “My Work”:  A view where I can quickly look at work that’s assigned to me.   This is where you’ll land if you are a member of the project.
  • “My Starred”:   My favourite work items.   Click the “star” on a work item in any view and get back to it quickly using this view.
  • “My Subscribed”:  A list of work items I’m subscribed to.
  • “My Recent Work”:  A list of my recently modified work items.

4 views focused on “your team/project”:

  • “Incoming Work”: A list of work unplanned/new work with quick triage actions for moving to your backlog or trashing them.  Non-project members will land in this view by default.   Check out the “Trash” and “Move to Backlog” quick actions on the items!
  • “Team’s Work”:   A list/grid/board of work currently assigned to your project members.   Try drag/drop between states to update item status!
  • “Backlog”:  A list to help you rank and groom your backlog (not available if you didn’t choose Scrum features when you created your project).
  • “Sprint Planning”:  A planning board to help you do your sprint/iteration planning.   Try drag/drop between sprints to plan work!

Each of these views supports various filtering options on the bottom left and above the list, different display modes (list, grid, board) on the top right and also feature our quick create user interface at the top allowing you to quickly create new workitems (this is my personal favourite new capability!)

If you are using the current Track and Plan capabilities, don’t worry as they are still available using the drop down menu under “TRACK & PLAN” by selecting “Project Dashboard”.

So, please give these views a try, use them to quickly create work items with our new “quick create” syntax, update your daily work progress, run a scrum meeting, run a sprint planning session and even try them on a mobile phone browser (they are responsive).   Send us feedback on what’s missing, any ideas you have by using the forum and log any defects you encounter using our JazzHub project.

Daniel Leroux, IBM Distinguished Engineer

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