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Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters v.1.1 are here!

For those of you who were excited about our first Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)-based adapters, we’ve just released v1.1 of the Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters with some great new features.  You may remember that we released three OSLC-based adapters for HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Atlassian JIRA, and Git as part of the Standard Edition and four synch-based adapters for HP ALM & HP Quality Center, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, and Bugzilla as part of the Tasktop edition.

So, what’s cool in this release? We realize that the pace at which your non-IBM tools change hasn’t slowed down, and we are keeping up. v.1.1 offers new support for the latest tools including HP ALM v.11.5, Atlassian JIRA v.5, the latest versions of Git, GitWeb, and Gerrit, and of course the latest versions of the Rational products. This new release also delivers the capabilities you asked us for such as integrations with CA Clarity and the Requirements Management component of HP ALM in the Tasktop Edition. In the Standard Edition you will experience streamlined set up and installation for the adapter for Git and expanded dashboard capabilities through the use of open social widgets with adapters for HP ALM and JIRA.  Many of you who tried out v.1.0 of the adapter for HP ALM  will be happy to learn that you can now manage suspect links by determining which Rational Requirements Composer requirements have changed so that test cases can be updated accordingly.

Since our v.1.0 release, a number of you have also asked, “Why two editions?” Well, just as each of your environments consists of a diverse set of tools and practices, we also realize that an approach to sharing data across those tools may vary based on your environment. Using the OSLC-based adapters in the Standard Edition may be desirable when you prefer to link to data residing in its native tool through standard interfaces. Or, the Tasktop Edition may be more appropriate in cases where you have teams that don’t log into each others systems or where you need to collaborate with third parties who don’t have access to your tools. There are a variety of factors to consider.

One of the things that has made developing these adapters so exciting is hearing your feedback. We have learned a lot over the past year as we have collaborated with you here at or captured your thoughts at Innovate and other developer conferences. We want to continue hearing and learning from you. What integration challenges have you experienced? How do you plan to use these adapters? What feedback do you have? 60-day trial versions of the three Standard Edition adapters are now available on Download them and let us know what you think by using the forum with the tags ‘integration’, ‘hp’, ‘jira’, or ‘git’.

Brian King
Development Manager
Rational Adapter Development

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