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The Deployment wiki and community needs you!

We are constantly striving to reduce the time it takes for you to gain value from our products and solutions. The sooner you can effectively deploy a Rational development environment, the faster you can start using it and gaining value! We are pleased to announce a number of initiatives around improving your deployment experience:

  • A new Deployment wiki on has been established to be the single repository for all additional Rational deployment guidance and best practices for customers, partners and Rational staff.
  • A broadening of the existing Enterprise Deployment Design Partner Program and VoiCE events to focus on all aspects of Deployment including: planning, designing, installing, configuring, integrating, upgrading, licensing, monitoring, troubleshooting and administering Rational environments.

We wanted to make the new wiki visible as soon as possible to get your feedback and engagement. We have established the overall governance, management, wiki structure, section leadership teams, and started to migrate and develop new content. However, there are many topics that are under construction or still to do, so we do need your help!

Read access will be completely unrestricted, allowing search engine indexing, such as Google. However, the wiki will be moderated with write access controlled by three groups consisting of deployment experts (technical leaders and senior editors), practitioners (Rational Administrators and Tool Specialists from customer and partners, and Rational staff) and the full community. Initially most of the wiki pages will only be editable by the expert technical leaders and senior editors. However, over time we will add more and more pages for deployment practitioners and the full community to contribute towards, and open up some of the initial pages for wider contribution. Regardless of write access, many pages will allow open questions and comments, and we have established a Deployment wiki RTC project for management, ideas, requests and problems. Membership of the deployment expert and practitioner groups will be based upon nominations via the process described in the wiki access control topic. So have a look, nominate yourself or colleagues and get involved!

If you haven’t yet, we would encourage you to register for the Enterprise Deployment of Rational Tools (ED) VoiCE session at Innovate, which will be held on Sunday, June 2nd in Orlando, Florida. As part of this session, you will influence Rational’s direction on the broad aspects of deployment strategy (including installation and licensing), product & solution deployment direction, and deployment guidance. In particular, we plan to demo and solicit feedback on the following topics:

  1. Rational Deployment Strategy and Key Initiatives including IBM Installation Manager and Common Licensing 2013 Roadmaps
  2. Our support transformation effort aimed at improving your support experience and our ongoing maintenance delivery practices
  3. A new license reporting utility that shows floating license usage for all Rational products
  4. Our strategy to focus on a few strongly recommended prescriptive deployment topologies with additional guidance captured in the Deployment Wiki on
  5. Installation Manager features aimed at simplifying deployment
  6. Jazz Performance Tuning, High-Availability and Disaster-Recovery
  7. Smarter Server: Performance Monitoring for CLM

Note that a confidential agreement with your company is required for your attendance at VoiCE. The VoiCE team will work with you on this process.

And finally, we hope to see many of you in the Rational Deployment for Administrators track at Innovate Orlando, Florida. We will cover a broad range of topics in the following sessions:

RDA-2484 Prescriptive Deployment Guidance Based upon Customer Experiences
RDA-2485 Jazz High-Availability and Disaster-Recovery Levels and Best Practice based upon Customer Experiences
RDA-1744 Pure ALM and Software Delivery and Lifecycle on PureSystems
RDA-1481 Strategies for Planning and Completing a Successful CLM Upgrade
RDA-1282 HP Quality Centre: Migrating to Jazz CLM
RDA-2590 Common CLM administrator deployment challenges
RDA-2326 Smarter Server: Performance Monitoring for CLM
RDA-1856 Fast-Tracking the Deployment and Management of Multi-Instance Rational Team Concert
Implementations and Integrations in a Multi- Network Environment
RDA-2179 Migration to and High-Availability Deployment of Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management
Solution—Practical Experiences
RDA-1327 Maximizing Your Jazz Environment and Performance
RDA-1853 Migrating from CLM V3 to CLM V4
RDA-1969 Case Study: Lessons Learned Deploying Rational Products at Telllabs
RDA-1051 IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution Deployment Tips and Tricks

This track is specifically aimed at Rational Administrators and the Rational Field, who deploy the development environments our customers depend upon to develop the software and systems their business depends upon.

We look forward to your support for the Deployment wiki and community, and meeting up with you in Orlando!

Steve Beard
IBM Rational Technical Lead for Deployment