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Chained to your laptop? Put RTC in your pocket!

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One of the coolest things about IBM is the network of thousands of IBM Business Partners.  These Business Partners, or BPs as we often call them, are constantly innovating around IBM products and are often the face of IBM to many customers.

Last week, at an IBM IT Symposium, the Business Partners in the room stood and gave a brief introduction.  When the reps from Clearblade stood, they said that they had just released a new mobile app for Rational Team Concert.  During a break, I had to grab a few minutes with them to learn more.

The app, aptly named ClearConcert, allows RTC users to view and create work items, monitor dashboards, run queries, open defects, and more.  Check out the documentation on the Clearblade website for more info or just go download the app.  It was just released a few days ago for Android and should be available on iTunes any day now.

And the best part is, it’s FREE!  How can you not like that?

But wait…there’s more!  ;-)  Check out this fun video from our colleagues over at Clearblade.

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Dan Griffin — Marketing Manager,, JazzHub, and Academics

Note: It is currently not possible to connect ClearConcert to Team Concert repositories due to firewall restrictions. We are working on enabling this functionality, so stay tuned!