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We’ve hit a major DevOps milestone!

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I am very excited to announce that IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery (SCD) v2.0 is available today! SCD v2.0 marks a major milestone on our DevOps journey.

Our existing Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) tools provide a top-notch agile development experience with continuous planning and continuous integration. SCD v2.0 successfully expands upon our CLM tools to provide continuous delivery and testing using cloud technology. We’ve leveraged the programmable nature of cloud to make it possible to use production like environments earlier in the development cycle to continuously deploy and test your changes. With SCD you now have the tools that make it easier to catch problems before they escape to production.

I personally want to thank all of our beta participants who provided us with valuable feedback. I appreciate the time and effort that each and every one of you put into making our SCD release better. I know personally that each of you worked after hours and on weekends to use the tools to enable you to provide us with valuable feedback. I can’t say it enough…Thank You!!

With the feedback, we were able to make incremental course corrections to add functionality. We do believe these changes have made a substantial improvement to the overall quality and usability of the product. For example, there were concerns of possible exposure of sensitive information during the delivery process, so we added support to encrypt/decrypt information as part of the delivery process.

You can download a trial version today and we will also continue to make the beta environment available for customers to try out the features without having to download and install locally.  Over the next couple of months we will share more of our DevOps vision and roadmap. The release of SCD v2.0 is merely the start of our journey together …

See our updates to our product page for downloads and updated information.

Daniel Berg
Chief Architect for DevOps – Continuous Delivery