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After four betas: requesting your feedback on DOORS Next Generation

Over the last ten months the DOORS Next Generation team released four betas with increasing capability and performance.  It’s been fun to see the capabilities emerge milestone to milestone (lots of work, but fun and gratifying too).  We’ve enjoyed the interaction we’ve had with those of you in our beta and design partner programs as we have shown and discussed the progress and remaining gaps.  The feedback we received significantly influenced our priorities and design in this first release cycle.

But I know many of you have valuable perspectives to share but don’t have these client programs as a vehicle for doing so.

So consider this your invitation: Have you downloaded and used a DOORS NG beta, perhaps following the beta end-user scenario guides? If so, would you share your assessment of DOORS NG with us?

I’ve prepared the following work items to capture your comments.  This first one includes a summary of our release objectives, so please start there:

66324 DOORS NG beta 2012: intended audience, overall comments (feedback)

The remaining work items can be reviewed in any order.  Don’t feel like to you need to comment in all of them — pick the one(s) where you have something you want to say.

66325 DOORS NG beta 2012: installation, administration, supported software stack (feedback)
66326 DOORS NG beta 2012: primary web client (feedback)
66327 DOORS NG beta 2012: optional rich client (feedback)
66329 DOORS NG beta 2012: lifecycle traceability (feedback)
66330 DOORS NG beta 2012: interop with DOORS 9 (feedback) 

Thank you for partnering with us.

Daniel Moul
Rational Offering Strategy and Delivery

P.S. A note to those of you who are existing DOORS customers (in case you are wondering): We intend to continue releasing DOORS 9 improvements.  We know many organizations are committed to DOORS 9 and will be depending on it for many years to come.  That’s why we intend to make it easy to adopt DOORS NG incrementally when and where it aligns with your needs (more on that soon!).