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Jazz Source Control has a new facade: The Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client

Yes, you read it right. With Rational Team Concert 4.0 (part of the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 release), the source control functionality of Jazz has a new avatar – a new client offering that supports the Microsoft® Source Code Control Interface (referred to as MS-SCCI, henceforth).

So, what is MS-SCCI?

For the uninitiated, MS-SCCI is a specification (from Microsoft), that enables Source Control systems to interface with Microsoft Windows® based native applications. The source control system implements a plug-in that exposes the source control functionality via a set of APIs that are defined by the specification. The application consumes the source control functionality by invoking the APIs.

All that technical blah-blah aside, in layman terms, this implies that you can leverage the Jazz Source Control functionality from within your application, provided your application ‘understands’ the MS-SCCI specification. By ‘understand’, I mean it implements the consumer-side of the specification – the logic to invoke the services provided by the source control plug-in via the APIs.

For more on the specification itself, visit the specification’s official page.

Additional Features of the Team Concert MS-SCCI Client

This offering isn’t just about the implementation of MS-SCCI APIs. The Jazz Source Control has much more to offer than what the MS-SCCI APIs require! The other cool features include:

  • Team Concert MS-SCCI Tray Icon
  • Team Concert MS-SCCI Control Panel
  • Team Concert MS-SCCI Preferences
  • Pending Changes Dialog

You can download and install the MS-SCCI client (an Installation Manager repository), or you can get the Rational Team Concert 4.0 installer to install the full package of RTC, which includes this client.

Make sure you have the pre-requisites in order. The Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI client requires Microsoft .NET framework v3.5 SP1, and Microsoft® VC++ 2010 Runtime (32-bit). Also, this release of Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI provider supports integration with only 32-bit applications.

The API implementation in Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI client is kept as generic as possible to ease integration with MS-SCCI compliant consumers.  We hope you will try out the Team Concert MS-SCCI client with your application, and let us know what you think.  You can ask a question via forum, or by filing enhancement requests or defects. We are all ears!

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