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Wake up to Jazz – Skoo-bi-doobop-bop-bop-bada!

Ok…admit it…we’ve all done it.  While soaping up your hair in the shower, you break into an off-key rendition of that ballad you loved in high school….the one that told your boyfriend or girlfriend just how you felt about him or her.  Maybe later you added it to your mix tape.

But little did you know you were missing a song from your repertoire – one that rat-tat-tatted and ski-bopitee-bopped about your favorite software collaboration tools.  Well yearn no more…your song has arrived!

Musician Matthew Robinson has written a song all about Jazz – yes OUR Jazz!  And he performed it live at Agile Australia.  I dare you not to laugh at these lyrics.  My favorite line:  “From LA to Hong Kong to New Orleans, its music to your ears and computer screens…that’s Jaaaaa–zzzzzzz.”

We’d love to hear your comments. And yes…in case you are wondering….you will probably be humming this all day.  ;-)