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Innovate 2012 is just around the corner

I have a hand in various parts of the community site, but we’re coming up on one of my annual favorites: talking about and promoting the IBM Rational Software Conference – Innovate 2012!

Why you should go to Innovate 2012

The view that most people out there may have of developers, and IT geeks in general, is that of an anti-social person sitting in a darkened cave with only the gentle glow of their various monitors and displays illuminating their surroundings. Why on earth would someone like that want to attend a conference, let alone one in sunny Florida? (The ba-zinga should be implied there… they make sunscreen for a reason!)

Well, the simple fact is that developers and IT folks are just as social as anyone out there, and we love to talk about what we’re working on. One of the great reasons to attend Innovate 2012 is the opportunity to “rub elbows” with 4,000 peers who are all looking to be innovative and do great things.

At Innovate 2012, there will be a huge number of technical sessions where you can learn better ways to innovate.  And best of all, this year, by popular demand, our Jazz team developers are hosting a full track called Direct from the Jazz Developers that will consist of 13 must see developer lead sessions.  More details to come so stay tuned.  Of the 400 sessions currently planned for Innovate 2012, over 100 of them will be related to the Jazz family of products. So regardless of which Jazz products you are currently using, there will be sessions for you!

One of the sessions I’d like to highlight right out of the gate is one specific to the community site. On Monday, June 4th, you’ll have the chance to see’s own Seth Packham and Robin Garside talking about Get Engaged: Getting the most out of the development portal. It will be a great session showing how you can leverage to quickly find the things you need, get access to the experts quickly, and tips and techniques on how to tap into the power of to help you to be successful with IBM Rational products.

Keep up on what’s going on

In the coming weeks we’ll be providing a bunch of additional information pertaining to the Jazz-related sessions and goings-on at Innovate 2012. And during the conference, we’ll be tweeting like crazy about all the happenings, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We’re just two short months away from Innovate 2012. So what are you waiting for? Register today, grab your sunscreen and mouse ears, and we’ll see you in Orlando!