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Introducing the Rational Reporting Data Dictionaries: Demystifying the Rational data warehouse

The Rational Reporting team is pleased to announce that the first phase of our new reporting data dictionaries is now available on  Through a collaborative effort between Rational and our clients, you’ve helped us to understand the challenges you face while developing effective reports with Rational Insight and Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence.  You need to know how to get the right data into the right reports to produce accurate results.  With this better understanding, we’re working on a solution to get the information you need into your hands when you need it.

The reporting data dictionaries show the relationships between elements in the UI, locations in the data warehouse, and queries in the authoring tools.  Check out the first iteration of these data dictionaries on  The Rational Reporting Data Dictionaries.

And we’re not done yet!  We want to make this information even better.  We’re continuing to improve these dictionaries by making the information easy to find when and where you need it, by showing you how to use the information effectively to develop reports that achieve your goals, and by listening to what you have to say.

Please share any feedback that you have on these dictionaries by clicking the Feedback link in the help topic and sharing your thoughts, or by opening a work item in the Foundation project (Filed against = Documentation).


Karen Gosciminski and Kelly Raposo,
Rational Reporting Information Development Team