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More CLM 2012 beta videos: Clustering, installation, scriptable setup, express setup, process editing and more

We just posted another round of CLM 2012 Beta demo videos, highlighting more of the features and enhancements available in this Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Requirements Composer beta.

Check ’em out and see how they can improve the way you work! And we’d love to hear your feedback.

CLM 2012 Beta (RTC) – Clustering demo:

CLM 2012 Beta – Scriptable setup for Jazz Team Server:

CLM 2012 Beta (RTC) – Cross Server Process Sharing:

CLM 2012 Beta (RTC) – “Express Setup” demo for Jazz Team Server:

CLM 2012 Beta (RRDI) – What’s new in Rational Reporting:

CLM 2012 Beta – Installing the Jazz Team Server:

CLM 2012 Beta (RTC) – Authoring process descriptions in the Web UI: