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New videos for CLM 2012 Beta!

It’s not enough that our developers write great software, but did you know they are movie stars too?

We have some great new features to show you as part of the Rational CLM Beta for 2012. We took a few of our personal favorites and added those videos to our site today. You can currently see them on our Rational Team Concert and Rational Requirements Composer project pages.

Are you a developer who would like to manage source control within Windows Explorer? If so, check out the new Windows Shell Integration feature video. And for management of your source code, this neat new feature allows an Administrator to delete the content associated to a particular version of a file to reclaim space or remove unwanted content. Watch Deleting File Contents from SCM for the tour!  Have folders or files that you would like to hide from the prying eyes of others? Learn how to set read access permissions by watching the File and Folder Read Permissions clip (which includes a fabulous French accented narration!). You fixed a ton of defects and want to know where the fixes are, no worries! You gotta watch Locating Change Sets to learn about the new Locating Change Sets editor. And last but not least, if you need to make a field read-only based on the values you assign to other fields, the critics choice for that is the Dynamic read-only attributes flick.

But, wait… there is more!

Are you a business analyst and using Rational Requirements Composer? How many times have you said, “I need to be able to create and manage modules”? Watch Introduction to Modules as our expert takes you through this cool new feature. And how many of you have run into these shady characters, suspect links?  Yeah, well, you can be your own CSI team with this new feature, Suspect Link Analysis.  And as a finisher, don’t know if your requirements are coming or going? You need to watch Import and Export with ReqIF and Rich Text!

And today is not the end. We have more coming, so please check back at and hop over to the Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, or Rational Requirements Composer project pages to see new additions over the next week or two.

See you at the Oscars!

Robin Garside